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Games make us happy

The Northwood team

Our team consists of six people from Iceland & Norway. We aim to create fun and engaging games.

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Bjørn Vidar Dahle

CEO and Programmer. Thinks the  mechanical keyboard is the greatest invention.

Ástráður Ísak Lárusson

Designer and modular god. When he's not making games, he's playing them.

Katrín Birgisdóttir


2D/3D Artist. Animation. Has a fondness for Junkrat for some reason.

Sævar Þór Pálsson


Programmer and Sound Designer. Thinks he can see himself in Torbjörn.

Guðmundur Bjarnason

2D/3D Artist. Thinks cars are the greatest thing in the world.

Auður Guðmundsdóttir

2D/3D and UI Artist. Mental stabilizer of the team.